Order Picking & Distribution

Clients prefer to outsource the labor-intensive services with seasonal patterns. More in particular, they want to work with one company that deals with all their logistic requirements. The result of these developments is that companies mainly involved in storage of frozen products have to accept completely new services like order picking and distribution.
Our consultants have noticed that many companies struggle during the first few years, when these services have to be integrated into their current business model. With our experience, we can minimize the "headache" and speed up the process to avoid (too) bigg losses.
The division of available space in the picking zones and bulk storage areas, the number of fixed picking positions, the lay-out of the picking floor, the replenishment of empty picking spaces, batch picking or individual customer order picking, manual or semi-automated: these are just some of the questions that need to be answered before a flawless and profitable process can even be considered.

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