All the required knowledge and experience in the many areas of cold chain logistics have now been brought together in this group of international, independent professionals with experience in more than 60 countries.

This unique group enjoys an excellent reputation and offers logistic service providers, equipment suppliers, public and private organizations, and government agencies around the globe, specialized assistance with increasing revenues and minimizing operational costs, reducing post-harvest losses, improving food quality and food safety, and strengthening food logistics infrastructures.

The working fields of the experts fit together in such a way that every cold chain logistics problem in the entire flow from Grower to Consumer can be tackled.
There are specialists available for each phase of the logistic process:

  • Post-harvest handling, pre-cooling, packing and storage
  • Processing of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables
  • Cold storage and blast freezing
  • Port logistics and sea transportation
  • Land transportation
  • Public and private refrigerated warehousing and logistics
  • Primary and secondary distribution

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